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Built-In Variables

Within certain injects, users can leverage a set of predefined built-in variables to dynamically customize content. These variables are designed to streamline the process of personalizing messages. Examples of built-in variables include but not limited to :

  • ${}: Represents the email of the target user
  • ${}: Represents the name of the current exercise
  • ${player_uri}: Represents the player interface platform link

Custom Variables

In addition to the built-in variables, users can define their own variables within an exercise.

To define custom variables :

  1. Select an exercise
  2. Navigate to the Definition tab
  3. Navigate to the Variables section

In this section, users can create, update or delete custom variables. Variables section


To create custom variables, consider the following limitation:

  • Only lowercase characters and _ are authorized for the key value
  • Variable value can only be string

Use Variables

These variables can be used to enhance personalization of certain stimuli within an exercise. Here is a non-exhaustive list of concerned stimuli : - Email sending - Sms sending

Variables usage