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When you are using an Inject, whether for Atomic testing, Scenario or Simulation, it's necessary to define the recipients, known as "targets", which could include Players, Teams, Assets (endpoints) or/and Asset groups it will be sent to. They are called "targets" of the inject.

Note that certain injects can't target assets, while others can't target players. For instance, the "Send individual mails" inject can only target players and teams, not assets.

Target selection is performed during inject creation or update.

Selecting Players and Teams

Directly targeting a player isn't yet possible. Instead, you must target a team. In scenarios or simulations, the team must be included in the scenario or simulation to be selectable. However, when creating atomic testing, all teams in the platform are selectable.

Note that visibility of teams and players is limited by the organization's segregation.

When selecting a team as the target, all players within that team will be targeted by the inject. Each player will have to complete expectations.

Selecting Assets (endpoints) and Asset groups

You can target assets (endpoints) directly or asset groups. In the dedicated dialog, only assets compatible with the inject are listed by default.

When selecting an asset group to target, all assets (endpoints) within the group will be targeted by the inject. Each one will have to complete expectations.