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Before starting the installation, let's discover how OpenBAS is working, which dependencies are needed and what are the minimal requirements to deploy it in production.


The OpenBAS platform relies on several external databases and services in order to work.



The platform is the central part of the OpenBAS platform, allowing users to configure scenarios, simulations, atomic testings and all other components used in the context of breach and attack simulations and security validations.

Neutral agents / executors

Executors are embedded into the platform but you should configure at least one. It is the system that will be used to execute local injectors on endpoints. Currently we support Caldera (default) and Tanium but multiple will be added in the near future including a home-made XTM agent (by Filigran).

Required executor

Executors are responsible of executing endpoint payload injectors. To use them, you have to have at least one executor / neutral agent enabled. Injectors that require executors are marked in red in the OpenBAS Ecosystem. Require executors


Injects are used to interact with third-party applications or services (including execution on the endpoints through executors) in the context of a simulation or an atomic testing. A few injectors are built-in but most of them are standalone Python processes.

List of injectors

You can find all currently available injectors in the OpenBAS Ecosystem.


Collectors are used to connect to all security systems such as SIEMs, XDRs, EDRs, firewalls, mail gateways etc. to check if an inject (execution, emails, etc.) has been detected or prevented and fill the security posture.

List of collectors

You can find all currently available collectors in the OpenBAS Ecosystem.

Infrastructure requirements


Component Version CPU RAM Disk type Disk space
PostgreSQL ≥ 16.0 2 cores ≥ 8GB SSD ≥ 16GB
RabbitMQ >= 3.11 1 core ≥ 512MB Standard ≥ 2GB
S3 / MinIO ≥ RELEASE.2023-02 1 core ≥ 128MB SSD ≥ 16GB


Component CPU RAM Disk type Disk space
OpenBAS Core 2 cores ≥ 8GB None (stateless) -
Injector(s) 1 core ≥ 128MB None (stateless) -
Collector(s) 1 core ≥ 128MB None (stateless) -