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Caldera collector

The integration between an OpenBAS instance and a Caldera instance allows you to enrich assets data.

Configuration variables

Below are the properties you'll need to set for OpenBAS:

Property Docker environment variable Mandatory Description
Enable Caldera collector collector.caldera.enable COLLECTOR.CALDERA.ENABLE Yes Enable the Caldera collector.
Collector ID COLLECTOR.CALDERA.ID Yes The ID of the collector.
Caldera URL collector.caldera.url COLLECTOR.CALDERA.URL Yes The URL of the Caldera instance.
Caldera API Key collector.caldera.api-key COLLECTOR.CALDERA.API-KEY Yes The API Key for the rest API of the Caldera instance.
Caldera polling interval collector.caldera.interval COLLECTOR.CALDERA.INTERVAL No The time interval in seconds where the collect is triggered. Default is 60 seconds.


Each interval, a job retrieves the deployed agents on Caldera and populates the OpenBAS database by creating Assets.

Deduplication is done thanks to the caldera paw property :

  • if there is no asset on OpenBAS based on this paw, a new asset is created
  • if there is an asset on OpenBAS based on this paw and the source of creation is only Caldera, this asset is updated

There is no automatic deletion of OpenBAS assets if Caldera agents no longer exist.


Agent Property Asset Property
paw externalId
paw name
host_ip_addrs ips
platform platform
last_seen lastSeen