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In OpenBAS, Channels represent communication medias with a particular look. There are used to present web articles or other media contents to Players in a specific way.

It helps give shape to your Scenario context and events.

Create a Channel

First step is to click on the + button at the bottom right and give your new Channel a type (Newspaper, Microblogging, TV Channel), a name and a subtitle.

Once done, click on the Channel in the list to access its overview. Here you can define how media content associated to this Chennel will be displayed to Players.

You can define primary and secondary colors, choose logos and define how the header is presented.

On the right, a mock up of the overview is displayed to give you the look and fill of it.

Channel creation

Use a Channel

A Channel will then be used in Scenario and in Simulation definition. When you create an Article, you have to choose the Channel that will give it an adequate shape.

See Media pressure page to know how to create and add Articles to your Scenarios.

Channel selection during Article creation